Fonts In Use

Aveda - Black Marble

Aveda selected BLKBK’s Black Marble font for their 2016 Color Harmony Awards, held in Australia from August 15th - 17th; as well as the Spring/Summer '16 Collection, Love Your Hair Color campaign.

In the spring of 2016, TOMS chose BLKBK's After Hours as a refresh for their advertising campaign. The raw texture and style After Hours can be seen all over their website introducing products, within commercial advertising, and across various platforms of social media.

New Look - Stay Rad

BLKBK’s font Stay Rad, was selected for their website and large volume commercial usage. Stay Rad has a very quick and raw brush-stroke that carries a carefree elegance that can still be dressed up or dressed down.

Extra Mile was created with a well used and broken-in brush. Although rustic in its application it articulates the raw experience that can be appreciated about those who are willing to go the ‘extra mile’ to get things done.

The 2016 Freshman Class for XXL Magazine hand-picked four fonts from the BLKBK catalogue on their front cover; Hand Book, After Hours, Jive Talk, and Wreck Effect. The magazines hit the stands on June 28th and can still be seen on their website.

Old Navy - First Take

Old Navy chose the rustic and natural First Take from the BLKBK catalogue in their advertising campaign for Spring/Summer of 2016. First Take can be seen introducing various styles and fashion flair on various forms of media on their website and social media.