Letters is the story of type. Our fonts are cutting-edge digital, hand-crafted analogue—their heritage is written in the intertwining histories of design, technology, literacy, and everything else. This is where we pay our respects. To read the series from the beginning, click here. Find our latest issues below.

Spray Paint

Spray paint for better letters

Letters part 40: the invention of spray paintan introduction to 20th century graffiti

Type Classification

Gill Sans - how do we classify this type?

Letters part 39: A look at mid-century type classification, featuring the Vox-ATypI type classification scheme.

Swiss International

Max Miedinger, designer of Helvetica

Letters part 38: The most popular typeface ever and the epilogue to modernism in typography.

New Typography

The New Typography

Letters part 37: Jan Tschichold's New Typography and the conclusion of our series on modernism and typography.