Chatime - Hand Book

Chatime using BLKBK's font Hand Book

Chatime font - Hand Book

Tawain’s Chatime was founded in 2005 by Henry Wang, of Lakaffe Coffee. Seeing the growing international popularity of bubble tea, Wang and Lakaffe seized the opportunity to provide high quality bubble tea all over the world. Today, Chatime is the world’s largest bubble tea provider, with thousands of outlets spread across 38 countries.


Chatime uses BLKBK's font Hand Book

The secret to that success is strong central support for franchisees. To ensure a consistent product and experience across so many outlets in so many countries, Chatime provides the finest ingredients and high-tech equipment sourced in Taiwan. Chatime also provides typographical guidance for franchise advertising, including the use BLKBK’s Hand Book font.


Chatime uses BLKBK's font Hand Book


What font does Chatime use?

The Hand Book font from BLKBK Type is a hand-crafted print type with a tremulous, liquid character. This upright sans serif stands tall, with a strong vertical orientation supported by an oversized x height. The result is a type that is paradoxically compact and expansive, neat and emphatic—perfectly in line with Chatime’s ability to deliver fun and spontaneity all over the world.


Download the Chatime font here.