The Hand Workshop | Custom Font Design & Handcrafted Lettering

The Art of Drawing Letters

Custom-designed lettering provides a brand identity with a voice as unique as that of any individual—silky like Sade, or bass like Barry White. Letter design can be one of the most impacting elements of a brand. And sometimes, the best branding solution is proprietary letter design. This is a good option for brands and companies who want custom designed letters or phrases for use in taglines or titles, but do not require an entire font family. We create original letterforms that are exclusive and unique to your brand. All of our works are crafted by hand and then translated to a digital format. We use precision and a profound understanding of the dynamics of space and form to deliver the desired style.

Tailored Letterforms

There are thousands of fonts on the market. Not all are created equal. Many companies have discovered that the standard character set doesn’t cover all internationalization requirements for a typeface. With a custom font we are able to provide you with a unique and original typeface that translates your keyboard characters into your personal communicative vision. Consideration is taken in line spacing, kerning, weights, multi-language characters, alternate letter options, and ligatures.

A Recognizable Graphic Element

Creating fonts and crafting logos are closely linked. Many logos are typographic solutions. Your logo can include a name, symbol, or trademark that represents your organization or product, garnering instant public recognition. A graphic mark, emblem, or symbol can also incorporate custom lettering, creating a visual identity as recognizable as any colour, pattern, or slogan. We can assist with every part of logo development, from early logo concepts for client presentation down to finishing and artworking concepts developed by clients themselves. Our skills add significantly to the styling and crafting of logotypes, both typographically and in overall form.

Consumer Perception

There are requirements to differentiating brands and articulating their personalities. Brand letter design means immediate visual recognition. Some details in traditional font design need to be weighed in favor of visual immediacy. We articulate name, logo, lettering, and tone, to reflect company values and appeal to their intended demographic. Through correspondence we can establish balance between the competing demands within any brand.

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