Rael - Golden Plains and Beyond Infinity

Rael uses BLKBK Type's Golden Plains font

Rael font - Golden Plains font and Beyond Infinity font from BLKBK Type


Right now, 800 million people are menstruating. The average woman spends eight years of her life menstruating. And that adds up to serious business—the global feminine hygiene market soaks up roughly $40 billion annually.


Rael uses BLKBK Type's Beyond Infinity font


The truth is, this is an undue expense for women. Worse, traditional feminine hygiene products are a significant source of plastic pollution in oceans, unflushable waste blocking up sewer systems, and both discomfort and health issues for the women who use them. We can do better. And Rael does. Rael makes a complete line of safe, environmentally friendly products to support women’s health and comfort while menstruating.


Rael uses BLKBK Type's Beyond Infinity font


What fonts does Rael use?

To typographically demonstrate that Rael advantage, Rael chose two BLKBK fonts: Beyond Infinity and Golden Plains. These are classic handwritten fonts, medium-weight cursives drawn with a brush. Golden Plains is the darker, denser font, drawn with a dryer brush for a distressed look, while Beyond Infinity demonstrates a neat and easy cursive flow. By using two cursive fonts, each with a personal touch, Rael keeps it real, with a sincere look and a humane signature.


Download the Rael fonts here:

Golden Plains

Beyond Infinity