Frigidaire - Sun Valley

Frigidaire blackout sale, ft. BLKBK Type's Sun Valley font

Frigidaire font - Sun Valley from BLKBK Type

Back in 1916, Nathaniel B. Wales and Alfred Mellowes placed a compressor under an ice box, inventing the first self-contained refrigerator. The idea was good enough for GM to buy them out and begin mass production. They called the cooled cabinet the Frigidaire—a portmanteau of “frigid” and “air”, with an “e” at the end because it was fancy. The name stuck; for decades, “Frigidaire” was all but synonymous with “refrigerator”.

Frigidaire Air Fry in BLKBK Type's Sun Valley font

It’s impossible to overstate how Frigidaire changed our relationship with food. Electricity from a wire zapped heat out of the cabinet; the iceman, root cellars, and rancid milk went with it. Keeping food fresh made Frigidaire a fixture in kitchens everywhere—not only in fridges, but in complete sets of kitchen appliances. Over 100 years later, Frigidaire celebrates their triumph over warm beer and wormy meat with some tasty type from BLKBK.

Impossible to ignore BLKBK Type's font Sun Valley, used by Frigidaire

What is Frigidaire's main display font?

Frigidaire’s main display font is Sun Valley, a popular font on food packaging in fridges all over the world. And no wonder. This is an organic, almost-edible font. It’s always refrigerator fresh; perfect for use in Frigidaire's advertising, social media, online, across product lines, for six years running. This font was drawn with a new brush and light ink, for an easy flow through its distinctive swoops and loops. An irregular baseline and contrast in size between each letter gives the font a fun bounce, while adherence to the basic anatomy of each letterform keeps it functional and legible. It’s fresh, it’s reliable, it’s Frigidaire.

Download Frigidaire's main display font here.