Fonts In Use

Fonts in Use is a presentation of our fonts in use. Discover some of the companies and designers that have used BLKBK fonts in logos and other marketing materials.

Cobra Kai - Dead Stock

In choosing the Cobra Kai title font, Sony TV needed something that captured that lost ‘80s cool—a font that could pack all the action and adventure of the Reagan era into two words.

Mr. Beast - Third Rail

All of this high-budget content has come with improved production values, including a logo worthy of a pro-sports franchise. The logo graces a wide array of Mr. Beast merchandise, featuring “Mr. Beast” rendered in BLKBK’s font, Third Rail. 

Kariniemen uses BLKBK Type's font Mighty River

Kariniemen shows off the fusion of tradition and tech behind their sustainable chicken, with a handwritten font from BLKBK.