Kariniemen - Mighty River

Kariniemen uses BLKBK Type's Mighty River font

Kariniemen font - Mighty River

For decades, Kariniemen has provided diverse chicken products united by one goal: that that chicken is the best, most responsibly produced chicken to ever land on your plate. To that end, Kariniemen sources its chicken from a network of independent, local farms in western Finland, each specialized in ethical, environmentally sustainable farming practices. They plan to provide carbon-neutral chicken by 2040—at the latest.

Kariniemen uses BLKBK Type's font Mighty River


Achieving that goal will depend on a fusion of technology and tradition. That means putting cutting-edge tech like AI and solar power in the capable hands of Kariniemen’s producers, at the point where human ambition meets the potential given of the earth—on farms. Kariniemen captures this confluence of personal and digital in its chicken packaging, using a font from BLKBK Type.


Kariniemen uses BLKBK Type's font Mighty River


What font does Kariniemen use?

Kariniemen uses a cursive font called Mighty River, from BLKBK. This medium-weight handwriting font has a relaxed, informal character thanks to printed uppercase letters, care-free line contrast, and slight distressing. At the same time, the stress and flow of the written type expressing a compelling urgency—this is chicken you should eat! The result is succulent typographical flavour in all Kariniemen chicken labels.


Download the Kariniemen font here.