MOODS - Mighty River

MOODS advertising featuring the font Mighty River from BLKBK

MOODS - Mighty River font

From seed to smoke, Danneman has produced tobacco products since 1872. Based on their own 1000-hectare Santo Antônio farm and supplemented with tobacco from 200 partnered family farms, Danneman has prioritized quality tobacco and local growth.

MOODS uses the font Mighty River from BLKBK

Danneman released MOODS—the world’s first Aromatic cigarillos—in 1994. MOODS are available in an assortment of aromas, making personal choice of aromas central to the brand, and central to their 2020s “Choose your taste” campaign. This campaign places MOODS in dedicated display stands, in shops across Europe. Each stand features the campaign’s call to action in a font that’s both personal and rich in flavour.

MOODS cigarillo stand, featuring BLKBK's font Mighty River

What font does MOODS use?

Welche Geschmack passt zu mir?
Quel Gôut me convient?

Whatever the language, MOODS asks the question using the font Mighty River from BLKBK Type. Mighty River is a medium-weight cursive font with printed capitals—loose and casual like a languid coil of fragrant smoke. The strength of the font in an international campaign, appearing in multiple languages, speaks to the care BLKBK takes to provide complete character sets for all languages using the Latin alphabet.

Download Mighty River here.