Mr. Beast - Third Rail

Mr. Beast Font - Third Rail

Mr. Beast launched his Youtube channel in 2012, at the tender age of thirteen. He kept the channel going for the next four years as an outlet for gaming videos and reflections on successful Youtubers. In 2016, Beast sat down in front of a camera for the three hours, 29 minutes, and 40 seconds he needed to count to 10000. As of writing, that video has 15 million views. It was his first hit.


That humble feat of endurance was a lesson in the virtues of consistent effort over time. The next year his subscriber base reached 50000, then doubled in the next three weeks. Today, his channel boasts over 54 million subscribers—the 20th most popular on Youtube. Beast’s persistence has paid off in an acute understating of how to make compelling content; his regular releases feature extravagant giveaways, fascinating tests, and feats of endurance far more exotic than counting to ten thousand. It’s must-see video, and it’s all funded by Mr. Beasts now-considerable wealth.

What font does Mr. Beast use?

All of this high-budget content has come with improved production values, including a logo worthy of a pro-sports franchise. The logo graces a wide array of Mr. Beast merchandise, featuring “Mr. Beast” rendered in BLKBK’s font, Third Rail. Third Rail is a hand-painted font, rough and real, edgy and energetic. It announces an arrival, it promises permanence, and, most of all, it ensures entertainment. Like Mr. Beast’s videos, Third Rail has the answers to questions you never even asked. 

Download the Mr. Beast font here.