Novo Mizuno Synchro MX - After Hours

In the Spring of 2016, Mizuno Corporation used BLKBK’s After Hours font for the Brazil launch of their new Novo Mizuno Synchro MX tennis footwear, in print ads, packaging, store signage, and clothing. The orientation and styling of After Hours feels friendly and motivating, coupling well with Mizuno Corp’s sporting goods.

Brothers Rihachi and Rizo Mizuno founded Mizuno Brothers Ltd. in 1906. Impressed by the baseball culture in the United States, they began to produce and distribute baseball clothes, hoping to capture the comfort and manoeuvrability of the American sport and build popularity for the sport in Japan

30 years later, to celebrate the anniversary of their founding, Mizuno began manufacturing gliders, soon completing a test flight over Mt. Fuji, and setting altitude and duration records by 1940. Mizuno continued to branch out, making different sporting goods and equipment, specializing in sport-specific footwear. Today, Mizuno is a globally recognized Sporting Goods provider.

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Font In Use: After Hours (Company: Mizuno Corporation/Year: 2016)