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Novo Mizuno Synchro MX - After Hours

In the Spring of 2016, BLKBK’s After Hours font was used for the Brazil launch of their new Novo Mizuno Synchro MX tennis footwear on print ads, packaging, store signage, and clothing. The orientation and styling of After Hours gives a friendly and motivating feel. This couples well with the sport element that is Mizuno Corp.

On the 30th Anniversary of the founding, Mizuno began manufacturing gliders. By 1940, a team of engineers were able to successfully complete a test flight over Mt. Fuji. Mizen continued to branch his manufacturing into various sporting goods and equipment. This included footwear specific to each sport or chosen recreation. Now Mizuno is a globally recognized Sporting Good provider.

Founded by Rihachi Mizuno and his younger brother, Rizo Mizuno, Mizuno Corp started out as Mizuno Brothers Ltd. in 1906. They began to produce and distribute baseball wear in order to bring popularity to Japan for the sport. Rihachi was impressed by the baseball culture of the United States and wanted to create wearable comfort and maneuverability akin to the American sport.

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Font In Use: After Hours (Company: Mizuno Corporation/Year: 2016)