Fonts in Use

Canadian Tire - Stay Rad + High Tide

2016's Canadian Tire Wow Magazine is showcasing two script fonts from BLKBK Type. Stay Rad is being featured as the magazines main 'display' font complimented by 'High Tide' as a secondary font for ‘headers'. As the catalogues’ primary font, Stay Rad's quick pastel strokes add a care-free and natural movement while adding just enough texture to make an impact and catch the attention of viewers. Its slightly wild style is enhanced here by its placement in which you can see the letters naturally flow off the edges adding more of an energetic feel to the catalogue.

For additional visual interest, High Tide's heavily ink dipped brush strokes provide just enough contrast complimented with a controlled structure and cleaner edges to serve as a more legible script when being scaled down for typesetting. With the letters being more structured, it has worked as a great solution for header-copy containing itself in a more conservative manner within its paragraphs.

Canadian Tire was founded in 1922, and still remains one of the nations most trusted retailers offering a wide range of automotive, sports, leisure, and home products. Within its first 10 years, as a form of marketing, The original Canadian Tire Wow Guide was created as a 200 page catalogue, featuring more than a 1,000 products. Over time, it became their goal to showcase as many visual products as they could, not being limited to the contents within the size of a physical booklet. Today, the Canadian Tire Wow guide can be viewed online as a digital catalogue showcasing 192 different categories of products.

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Font In Use: Stay Rad + High Tide (Company: Canadian Tire/Year: 2017)