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George by Asda - Golden Plains

Deliberately and personally handwritten, the Script font Golden Plains works well as a unisex font for fashion brands as seen within the seasonal campaign by Asda’s George stores. Golden Plains was featured in commercials and multiple forms of visual advertising.

Asda Stores Ltd. was founded in 1965 and became the second-largest super market chain in Britain between 2003 and 2014. It became a subsidiary of the American retail corporate giant Walmart in July 1999. Headquartered in Leeds, West Yorkshire; Asda has expanded it’s reach in multiple retail fields such as Living, Essentials, Petrol, Mobile phone companies and financial services. It was 2012 that the George clothing line we commonly see in Walmart started as a franchise and resulted in George stores opening in the Middle East.

Golden Plains, although universal and versatile, carries just enough flavour in style to add a uniqueness within its aesthetic. Believably hand-crafted with hints of dry brush strokes in just the right places achieves a slightly distressed look without overdoing.

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Font In Use: Golden Plains (Company: George by Asda/Year: 2016)