Aubainerie - Star Dust

The Star Dust font in the BLKBK catalogue displays a combination of looseness and structure through its silhouette. Translating both a relaxed yet slightly conservative feel echoes the style of fashion that can be seen throughout Aubainerie’s seasonal campaign.

Aubainerie is a retail chain of stores located in Quebec that offer clothing for every member of the family. It is the largest clothing retailer in the province with 58 stores. Originally established in 1944 under a different name, Aubainerie did not fully take off until the 1980's when the chain’s image was modified and a banner was created. It was 1997 that the retailers adopted the name Aubinerie and took on a fashion-centric orientation that focused on current and new trends as well as maintaining affordable prices.

Star Dust's contrast in thick and thin strokes pairs well with light-weight Sans Serif fonts. The thick strokes add opposition while the thin strokes mimic the same weight of the Sans, creating the perfect harmony in relation to one another. The rigid and textured edges seen on the Star Dust letter perimeter compliment the cleanliness of modern Sans fonts. This creates a visual appeal through texture as seen in Aubainerie’s ads.

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Font In Use: Star Dust (Company: Aubainerie/Year: 2016)