One Love Festival - Beat Box

BLKBK type creations are rooted in hip-hop culture and graffiti-art. That influence was naturally reflected in the production and style for the Beat Box font that was selected for the 2015 One Love Music Festival. BLKBK’s Beat Box could be seen within their main logo, branding, and available paraphernalia which included jerseys, bandanas, hats, tees, hoodies and dresses. 

2015 marked the second year for hip-hop lovers to get their annual fix from the One Love Music Festival. The first festival in 2014 attracted more than 8,000 urban music enthusiasts making it the largest hip-hop festival in Western Canada. The second year for One Love was extended to take place over two days opposed to the single day that had occurred the year previous. The lineup included artists such as Nas, J. Cole, Raekwon, Big Sean, Atmosphere, Action Bronson, Lil Wayne and many more.

Beat Box's swift brush stroke style carries a personality that also transcends into a rather universal typeface so as to not be contained within ‘a box’ and become limited to select categories. The passion seen in each brush stroke emphasizes a genuine emotion that onlookers can feel with each letterform. Beat Box is expressive, youthful, and carries an attitude that makes a bold statement for all forms of visual advertising.

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Font In Use: Beat Box  (Festival: One Love/Year: 2015/2016)