NYX Cosmetics - Star Dust

The expressive and handwritten Star Dust font gives a unique and personal feel. It was crafted to reflect multiple styles that is easily relatable from the hand-done character represented in its application. The artistry of makeup and cosmetics is also applied by hand, which makes Star Dust a complimentary fit with the NYX Cosmetics spring advertising campaign. 

Founded in Los Angeles by Toni Ko, NYX Cosmetics started as a small company in May of 1999. It was named after the Greek goddess of the night. The growth of the company has expanded today to more than seventy countries with Canada being one of the more recent on the list. NYX Cosmetics is marketed for having professional quality at drugstore prices.

The fun natured personality of Star Dust expresses the creative enthusiasm that exists within the world of beauty and cosmetics. Whether your sense of beauty is natural, minimal, or even daring and bold; the combinations and pairings are endless and exciting.

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Font In Use: Star Dust  (Company: NYX Cosmetics/Year: 2016)