Letters part 13: How printing made it to America via Spain and in the process preserved banned ideas and an indigenous language.

Enlightened Design

Letters part 12: How Enlightenment-era virtues changed typography, from the introduction of the point system to the professionalization of font designers.

Humanist Handwriting

Letters part 11: The typographical contributions of the Aldine Press, made through the work of two all-time-great type founders, Francesco Griffo and Claude Garamond.

Renaissance Redux

Letters part 10: The rediscovery of Carolingian Minuscule in the Italian Renaissance and the development of the first modern Roman font.

Regular Vernacular

Letters part 9: How the first printer in England chose English, and chose the future of the English Language.

Commercial Case

Letters part 8: How William Caxton turned patronage into a business, and became the first English printer.