Letters is the story of type. Our fonts are cutting-edge digital, hand-crafted analogue—their heritage is written in the intertwining histories of design, technology, literacy, and everything else. This is where we pay our respects. To read the series from the beginning, click here. Find our latest issues below.

Style Revival

Letters part 26: The Arts and Crafts influence on the future of industrial-era typography.

Hot Metal

Letters part 25: Hot Metal type. Big business and big machines in the second industrial revolution.

Sign Painting

Letters part 24: The quiet ruckus of hand-painted signs in industrial cities. 

Rambling Glyphs

Letters part 23: The hobo's guide to America—how itinerant workers developed a system of letters and symbols. 

Wall Writing

Letters part 22: How writing on walls went from normal to subversive.

Write Type

Letters part 21: the origins of the machine that allowed us to write directly with type.