Davert - Heavy Trip

Davert Font - Heavy Trip

Davert is an organic food provider, specializing in natural, healthy, seed and pulse-based nutrition. Their story goes back to 1973, when Rainer Welke opened an organic grocery store in Münster, Germany. This was one of the first organic grocery stores in Germany, and it cracked open a market hungry for healthy, all-natural options.


The business was so successful that Welke needed to secure his supply. In 1984, he took over the Davert Mill and created the company that exists today. Almost 40 years later, Davert remains serious about sustainability, protecting ecosystems, using locally sourced produce, and minimizing power consumption, all to provide quality organic food products to a broad and growing market.

What font is on Davert food packaging?

Davert’s commitment to natural eating and the natural environment called, naturally, for a natural typographical expression. They found it in BLKBK’s font Heavy Trip. Heavy Trip is an all capitals font, inspired by the fluid geometries of art-nouveau inspired psychedelic types—with BLKBK’s natural touch. Rather than outlining each letter, we crafted each letter with a single, unstructured brush stroke. The result is a playful and unconventional type, with natural variations in baseline, thickness, size, and stance. It makes Heavy Trip the perfect font for Davert to use on packaging, in advertising, and online.

Download the Davert font here.