Der erste letzte Tag: Kein Thriller – Beyond Infinity

Der erste letzte Tag: Kein Thriller Font – Beyond Infinity

Der ersete letzte Tag: Kein Thriller (The First Last Day: Not a Thriller) is a recent bestseller from bestselling German thriller writer, Sebastian Fitzek. As the subtitle suggests—and contrary to the work Fitzek is famous for—this is not a thriller, but a road book. In it, an odd couple, forced together on a drive from Munich to Berlin, engage with a thought experiment that will change the course of their lives.

What font is on the cover of Der erste Letzte Tag?

Publisher Droemer promises readers will enjoy comedy, drama, and unpredictable divergencies. This is a departure from Fitzek’s typical thriller fare. With an author so renowned for nail-biting tension, Droemer needed a title font that conveyed the playful nuance of this story. They found just what they needed at BLKBK.

The title font for Der erste letzte Tag: Kein Thriller is BLKBK’s Beyond Infinity. This handwriting font is lighter weight, crafted with a brush exhibiting slight fraying against the paper, creating a just-perceptible texture. Its personal style shows off a bouncy baseline and restrained, creative flair that makes the font broadly applicable. Used in the title for Der erste letzte Tag, this font perfectly demonstrates the unpredictable and life-affirming qualities of the story.