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GT Bicycles font - Furious Styles

The first BMX race went down at Palms Park in West Los Angeles, in 1969. This was essentially a motocross race, with competitors using Schwinn Stingrays—compact, 20” bikes with butterfly handlebars and banana seats. These were sporty bikes, nimble and quick off the line, but that wasn’t enough for Gary Turner. In 1972, he built his son a better BMX bike. GT Bicycles was born.

GT Bicycles Good Times event

50 years later, great BMX bikes are still at the heart of GT Bicycles' line. But they’ve expanded their offerings, providing quality mountain bikes, e-bikes, road bikes, and dirtjump bikes. Whatever the style of bike, they’re all unified by the thrill and joy of riding. Knowing that GT stands for Good Times as well as Gary Turner, GT launched the Good Times promotion in 2021.

What font is GT Bicycles' Good Times logo?

Needing a font for the Good Time logo and other marketing material, GT found BLKBK’s font Furious Styles. This font is hand painted, with a distressed, dry brush. Its motions are swift, angular, leaning into corners like a BMX racer. This is a font from a foundry with serious reverence for BMX culture, responsible for the Rad-inspired fonts Stay Rad and Cru Jones. Now, BLKBK submits the Furious Styles font to BMX culture in return. The perfect font for GT Bicyclesthe perfect font for Good Times.

Download the GT Bicycles Good Times font here.