Why Choose an Independent Type Foundry?

The best font foundry can create great looking, eye-catching fonts. In choosing a custom font foundry, however, you choose a scribe.

Over 4000 years ago, Hesy-Ra recorded the words of his pharaoh. He chewed the end of a reed into a brush, dipped it in a blend of ash, gum, and spit, then flowed the unique blend across papyrus, rendering divine words in his unique hand. Hesy-Ra was a scribe. And, as the Pharaoh’s confidant and writing hand, Hesi-Ra was a conduit between ideas and permanence.

Ideas vanish at variable rates. Some rush away with the wind they’re shouted into. Some last as long as anyone who heard can remember. In the best cases, they survive as long as the texts that contains them. Hardiness and vigorous reproduction both work to extend longevity. Words carved in stone can last forever, but the first book off the presses is the best seller.

Font foundries have existed since the advent of movable type, when letters and words were moulded from metal, assembled to make a page, and pressed onto paper. Over and over again. BLKBK is a digitized addition to this tradition. Our specialization in hand-crafted scripts place us in a longer lineage; one as old as the written word and absolutely future proof.

For further information about what BLKBK can offer you in custom typeface design, please visit The Hand Workshop.