Unfold – Master Works

Unfold allows creators to make better social media content, right where they use social media—on their mobile devices. Users get access to an array of templates and tools to create quality stories and posts, plus a mapping system to plan their Instagram grids. They can then tie it all together in a hub page, linking all social media accounts and online content in one place.

Subscribers to Unfold+ get access to all kinds of additional tricks, including extra templates, stickers, and fonts. That’s where things get really good: they’ve licensed BLKBK’s font Master Works. That means that your posts, should you subscribe to Unfold+, could feature all the care and artistry exhibited in this, well, masterwork.

Master Works is a neat and polite cursive font. Handwritten with a fresh-out-of-the-box marker, this font stays loose enough to be comfortable, but is meticulously written nonetheless—it’s structured, never stiff. It’s an ideal inclusion for anyone who wants to add a personalized touch to their posts—or any other project.