Kildevaeld/Bon Aqua - Third Rail

Not far from where the North Sea meets the Skagerrak, the Kildevæld spring provides fresh, non-carbonated spring water for the Coca-Cola water brand, Kildevæld. Kildevæld flavours this water and enriches it with vitamins and minerals that the company suggests will “RENEW” you, or even make you “GLOW”* should you drink them.

These two words are central to the brand and logo. In 2017, the McCann agency’s Copenhagen office launched a new branding campaign for Kildevæld and the comparable Bon Aqua products in Sweden and Finland. In order to cultivate positive associations with the brand, they went right to the source, rendering—metaphorically speaking—a wave of positivity itself.

Using BLKBK’s Third Rail font to render that sense for the Kildevæld/Bon Aqua logos is a choice as clear and refreshing as spring water. The raw, personal feel of this handwritten font connects the freshness of the product to the person drinking it. The quick motions of the letters, contained in spaces at once dynamic and disciplined, flow like waves, breaking into textured and organic finishes at the end of each brush stroke. The look is at once timeless and fiercely present, like life sustained sip by sip

*Your mileage may vary: we checked the nutritional information for Kildevæld GLOW and it doesn’t even contain radon.