Beyond Stranger Things - Dead Stock

We initially released Dead Stock in June 2014 as a handset type system. Due to high demand it became the standard bearer for BLKBK’s entry into the font design industry. As a non-exclusive commission for the 2014 Roskilde Festival, we recreated Dead Stock as a font, and re-released it on Dec 13 2014. This marks the date when BLKBK Type first introduced a font to the marketplace.

This electrifying and bold typeface pays homage to retro-isms of the late 1980’s, which caught the eyes of the creative team for Beyond Stranger Things as the perfect typographic solution. Dead Stock, used for the word “Beyond”, contrasts nicely with the iconic serif lettering of "Stranger Things", providing a hierarchy—looseness to balance the structure of the serifs.

The Netflix Original Series is a reality talk show featuring the popular cast of the hit show Stranger Things. Released concurrently with the second season, Beyond aims to satisfy the cravings of cult-viewers with cast discussion of every episode. The handwritten style of Dead Stock emphasizes the after-show’s role as a more up-close and personal experience.

Font In Use: Dead Stock (Company: Netflix/Year: 2017)