Xenera Compania Electrica - Star Dust

The ‘A Vaquina que Vale’ campaign selected BLKBK’s Star Dust in visuals and branding on their main website and was featured in their original logo.The modern script font could also be seen in various commercials for a time airing in Spain, all featuring their jersey cow mascot and quick wit.

The hydroelectric power plant company known as Xenera has been providing novel light to the people across Galica, Spain, with a history spanning across 120 years. The brand ‘A Vaquina polo que Vale’ was formed by Xenera and uses the electric tariff and price acquired in the Wholesale Market and is provided to consumers with no commercial margin for Xenera.

Star Dust’s energetic and quirky style embodies the unique personality that can be seen in the humorous approach throughout their commercials and advertising. The sporadic brush strokes unpredictably change direction like a bolt of lightning which mimics and resembles words that flow across the page with a burst of electricity. The intentional inconsistency of varying angles that Star Dust offers in style is sure to kick up the excitement within any campaign.

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Font In Use: Star Dust (Company: XENERA Compania Electrica/Year: 2015)