Roskilde Festival - Dead Stock

The Roskilde Festival is an annual music festival held mid-summer south of Roskilde, Denmark. It is the largest music festival in Northern Europe. It has been nominated for the UK Festival Award for Best Overseas Festival. 

BLKBK’s founding font Dead Stock, was selected for Roskilde 2015. Umwelt+ contacted BLKBK with great affinity for the vectored typeface and asked if it could be programmed into font format. This inspired BLKBK to expand their umbrella of creativity from handset type to include font formatting and programming.

The hand written street style font could be seen on merchandise, signage, videos, and splattered throughout the website. The festival featured 169 acts with some of the lineup including artists such as Florence + The Machine, Pharrell Williams, Disclosure, Paul McCartney, and Mew.

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Font In Use: Dead Stock (Agency: Umwelt A/S Year: 2015)