TLC's Playhouse Masters - Extra Mile

Extra Mile was created with a well used and broken-in brush. Although rustic in its application it articulates the raw experience that can be appreciated about those who are willing to go the ‘extra mile’ to get things done. Playful yet determined, this Sans Serif font expresses what it’s like to work hard but still have fun. These characteristics are personified on TLC’s television series, Playhouse Masters, which featured Extra Mile as their show title. 

The American based cable and satellite television network known as TLC is owned by Discovery Communications. It was initially focused on education and learning but by the late 1990s the network gravitated to primarily focus towards reality series involving personal stories on lifestyles and family life The television series Playhouse Masters is a reality series that follow craftsman couple Tyson and Audy Leavitt and their design and installation of dream playhouses. One episode featured NBA star Steph Curry and his daughter who dreamed of a princess pony playhouse.


The commitment that can be seen in the Extra Mile brush stokes is emphasized within it’s abrupt finish as the ink builds to create a heavier deposit at stopping points and when changing direction. These characteristics promote the visual energy that can be felt when one commits and accomplishes the task at hand. 

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Font In Use: Extra Mile (Company: TLC Network/Year: 2016)