Shoprite - Beyond Infinity

Shoprite handwriting font - Beyond Infinity

Shoprite is a grocery retailers co-op, operating in six states in the USA. They use their cooperative buying power to secure cheaper prices from wholesalers, which they can then pass on to customers in door-crashing sales events like their “Can it Get Any Hotter?” summer sales on canned goods.

What font does Shoprite use on Fresh to Table signs?

Whether it can get any hotter remains to be seen. But indications are, it can. Shoprite remains on the case of providing lower prices, and recently opened new Fresh to Table concept stores within existing stores. This called for hot new marketing, which includes BLKBK’s font Beyond Infinity on signs throughout Shoprite Fresh to Table locations.

Beyond Infinity is a lighter-weight font, hand written with a brush to give it a textured edge. This cursive’s restraint belies the creativity behind the hand, without restraining it. The baseline is free to bounce; the lines free to flow. The result is a universally useful handwriting font imbued with real personality.