Ave & You - Run Wild

Ave & You font - Run Wild

Ave & You founder Franziska once faced a problem many of us can relate to: she had skin. As people who have skin know, it’s a temperamental organ, as prone to breaking out, flaking, or excreting too much oil as it is to keeping blood in. The $160 billion skincare industry takes on skin’s myriad problems every day, yet the problems remain.

What handwriting font does Ave & You use on packaging?

The trouble, Franziska realized, is that everyone is different. Each of us possesses a skin as different as we are from each other—finding a one-size-fits-all solution to skin’s many issues is impossible. The key to good skincare, then, is to develop personalized skincare for each of us. With an assist from AI, this is exactly what Ave & You does.

To typographically express the individuality of their products, each Ave & You container of personalized skincare product includes the user’s name, apparently written in blue ballpoint. The truth is, it’s BLKBK’s Run Wild font. We painted Run Wild with a brush, building personality through unconventional subtleties: a printed uppercase, an irregular wobble to brush strokes, and a flowing, yet angular, lowercase. The result is a modern cursive that exchanges convention for personality—just like Ave & You.