BMW X2 - Dead Stock


The BMW X2 is a subcompact luxury crossover sports utility vehicle. If that seems like a lot of adjectives, you’ve just never run up against the limits of language when describing human-car relations. In the all-things-to-everyone era of carmaking, an entrée-sized word salad can successfully describe a car that’s small, and therefore economical and fun to drive, but still comfortable, with a more upright driving position, plus the ride height to clear moderate snowfall. This is all very practical. This might be a car you’d like. But is it a car you’d love?

A car is a partner in modern locomotion—your outward expression of personality in an impersonal, mechanized world. Five adjectives deep and we’ve only classified the X2. We’ve said nothing of how it’s daring, bold, adventurous—and that doesn’t even scratch the surface of its galvanic-metallic paint. You might be an upper-middle class urbanite millennial human—you may also be daring, bold, and adventurous—but is that all that you are?

We don’t think so, and neither does BMW. That’s why BMW chose BLKBK’s font Dead Stock, to go beyond the words with raw letters. Dead Stock expresses the X2’s complete character typographically, in print and online advertising, including the X2 logo, in their “On the Hunt” campaign. This wild, hand-written font slashes across screen and page alike. It’s adventure, daring, boldness; it’s the speed and precision in motion to not only go on the hunt, but to find yourself.