Aussie Hair - Good Vibes

Aussie Hair Font - Good Vibes

Aussie Hair’s story beginswith a corkscrew-curl twist—in Minnesota. There, Tom Redmond, a beauty products salesman, quit that lucrative career to start his own company. It was hard going until a 1979 trip to Australia, where he met a Brisbane chemist selling a herbal paste used by Indigenous Australians as a hair conditioner. Redmond bought the recipe and sold it as the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle. It worked. By the mid-90s Aussie had expanded its product line and was raking in $120 million a year.

The secret to Aussie’s success through the years has been staying true to the virtues of their original product. Even after Redmond sold the company to Proctor and Gamble, Aussie maintained their original standards, using natural ingredients in cruelty-free, environmentally friendly products. The result is great, natural hair.

What font does Aussie Hair use for Miracle Curls?

So it’s only natural that Aussie would choose BLKBK’s font Good Vibes for their Miracle Curls and Miracle Moist logos, and in their Curly Girl advertising. Good Vibes is a bouncy, voluminous font. Drawn with a round brush and watered-down ink, it flows through high-contrast lines, saturating paper with moisture. It waves along its baseline, it twists around itself. Its edges and finishes are always soft, with a natural shine.

Download the Aussie font here.