What does BLKBK Font Foundry offer?

We are a font foundry that specializes in designing high-quality, custom fonts. Our designs are inspired by handwriting, calligraphy, and dynamic brush styles, aiming to bring personality and authenticity to your digital projects. Learn more about us here.

Can I use the font for my business or corporation with the 'Standard' Desktop or Webfont License?

No, if you intend to use the font for your business or company with a 'Standard Desktop/Webfont License', you are required to purchase a Commercial Extension. This extension grants you the rights to use the font on a per company/brand basis.

What are Commercial Font Extensions, and why are they important?

Commercial Font Extensions are additional licenses that extend the permissions of your purchase of the 'Standard Font License' for business use. They are crucial because they ensure that the use of BLKBK fonts complies with legal agreements. To purchase a license for your business, please visit the Commercial Extension page on our site.

I purchased a Commercial Extension, where is the font download link?

To download the font from our catalog, you must purchase a 'Standard Desktop/Webfont License'. This license establishes a connection between the Commercial Extension and the particular font that you required access.

Can I use your fonts for a logo or commercial product?

Yes, our fonts can be used for logos and commercial products. However, you need to ensure that your license covers the intended use. For commercial use, we offer Commercial Extension for business use. 

How many fonts cover the purchase of a Commercial Extension?

You are permitted to use (1) font per Commercial Extension. This allows the licensee to link the specified font for commercial use. The payment is a one-time fee per font.