About Us - Our Story

There’s a brick wall in our hometown, next to a parking lot. It’s a lot like a lot of places, in a lot of places. Three floors up, an old hand-painted sign still advertises Coca-Cola after all these years. Everything below that is blank.

Artists might see this expanse of beige brick as a blank slate. To their folly: this expanse is already painted, beige to match the bricks. Beneath, the buffed works of successive artists committed to this void testify that the void is the point: we aren’t supposed to see this wall. We never were. Decades ago a building blocked it from view, only the cola advertisement peaking out above. Its blank expanse asked nothing because behind the vitality of uses offered by a building, it didn’t exist. That building fell under the weight of new technology and changing societal values, giving an old space a new purpose, and exposing a wall without one.

Growing up straddling eras is like that. Change the means of creation, publishing, and distribution, and within an adolescence generations of creation are reduced to a box of home video cassettes, collecting dust in an attic. But unlike the building, which exists only in memories and photographs, its homes and businesses lost forever, style is forever, and Rad will Stay Rad.