Sea-Doo - Chrome Syrup

In the early ‘60s, Clayton Jacobson II crashed his motorcycle during a race. A beer, a doobie, and some time to pick gravel out of his wounds got him thinking: does it have to be this way? His gaze swept across an irrigation ditch. It didn’t have to be this way if he could drive his motorcycle on water, where there was no gravel.

Two prototypes later, he caught the attention of the Canadian snowmobile company, Bombardier. They were interested in replicating the success of their Ski-Doo snowmobiles, but on the water, where there was no snow.

Together, Jacobson and Bombardier developed the first impeller-jet-driven personal water craft: the Sea-Doo. A stallwart in the PWC market, today Sea-Doo remains the market leader. Their vehicles are deeply symbolic of easy-going, summertime fun on the water.

The Sea-Doo’s grit-free, liquid environment made BLKBK’s font, Chrome Syrup, a natural choice to represent their brand in print. A laid-back throwback that grooves perfectly with Jacobson’s mid-century racing pedigree, BLKBK created Chrome Syrup using an over-saturated brush, allowing ink to pool at the start of each letter and flow through organic curves, angles, and contrasts. The fluid nature of the font makes it the perfect representative of natural, outdoor watersports.