RapTV - Dead Stock

RapTV logo in BLKBK Type's Dead Stock font

RapTV Font – Dead Stock from BLKBK Type

Since 2014, RapTV has been a growing source of hip hop related news and gossip. And it is popular. RapTV claims over 35 million followers on social media, making it the largest hip hop community in the world.

RapTV logo font Dead Stock from BLKBK Type

And rap is only one of the four elements of hip hop. Could you imagine the heights that the RapTV family could reach upon launching BBoyTV, DJTV, and GraffitiTV? Until then, they’ve chosen a graffiti-inspired font from BLKBK Type to showcase their hip hop bona fides in the RapTV logo.


RapTV logo in Dead Stock font from BLKBK Type

What is the RapTV logo font?

The RapTV logo uses the font Dead Stock, from BLKBK Type. Created with a brush and ink, Dead Stock takes it back to ‘88, channelling the hip hop golden age. The brush strokes are quick, precise, and carefully plotted, yet still evince a free, off-the-cuff flow. This gives the font an authentic handwritten look, balancing structure and freedom. The result is one of BLKBK’s most popular creations—a classic handstyle font, ideal for RapTV’s logo.

Download RapTV's logo font here.