Lichtenauer - Sun Valley

Deep in Saxony’s Ore Mountain Basin burbles a spring famous for its mild tasting, naturally carbonated mineral water. The East Germans knew how good it was, and for forty years distributed the water to their people. Since 1990, Lichtenauer Mineralquellen has delivered the exceptional water to all Germans. Today, they offer a full line of refreshing beverages, each using the famous water of the Lichtenauer spring.

In 2018, Lichtenauer broadened their offering, introducing the Lieblingsfrüchte (favourite fruits) line of Schorle. Schorle is a refreshing mix of carbonated water and fruit juice; the Lieblingsfrüchte line flavours Lichtenauer’s trademark spring water with at least ten percent fruit of either peach, black currant, or rhubarb, with no preservatives or artificial flavours.

To reflect the product’s refreshing, healthy, and all-natural qualities in the product label, Lichtenauer chose BLKBK’s Sun Valley font for the Lieblingsfrüchte Schrift. Sun Valley’s natural, organic feel makes it a winner for any food label. In the case of Lieblingsfrüchte, its bubbly baseline and personality reflect the effervescence of the product’s mineral water. Sun Valley’s brush strokes are loose and calculated, executed at the relaxed-yet-deliberate pace of nature itself, with the confidence of a new spring. Perfect assets to display the flavour of our favourite fruits.