Fossil - Stay Rad

The objective for Stay Rad was to convey a raw and edgy personality. We achieved this using distressed texture and aggressive changes of direction in visible angles. The angular cuts that drastically pivot at the end of each pastel stoke were illustrated all in one motion, creating flow within each character. Although Stay Rad displays a wild and youthful energy, it's counterbalanced by a sense of maturity shown through the intentional execution of the style.

This allows the font to be a more universal typeface for lifestyle brands such as Fossil, who appeal to a broad demographic. During the summer of 2017, Stay Rad was introduced and incorporated within Fossil’s branding and advertising in digital online use, as well as in-store and store-front print and signage.

The chunky, pastel-texture overload of Stay Rad is an unconventional element, rarely found but highly sought after by consumers within the font industry. The amount of detail achieved through the natural intricacies of each point is something we have found most traditional type designers shy away from. We have taken the challenge head-on and have been able to successfully achieve a fully functional and operational typeface with believable texture so real you can feel it with your eyeballs.

Font In Use: Stay Rad (Company: Fossil/Year: 2017)