Essento - Bad Habits

Today’s conscientious consumers are increasingly concerned with limiting their environmental impact, without limiting their quality of life. Reducing meat consumption is a popular way to reduce CO2 emissions, and many companies have stepped up to provide plant-based meat substitutes.

Not Essento. This Swiss company has created a line of snacks, burgers, and protein bars using high-quality, nutritionally dense animal protein, without the environmental and ethical baggage of meat. Their source, it turns out, was at our feet all along, in the form of crickets, grasshoppers, and meal worms. These have long been a delicacy—even a staple—for billions of people. In fact, they’re nutritionally and gastronomically (not to mention taxonomically) comparable to shellfish. That makes homard de terre an excellent choice for anyone hoping to break their dietary bad habits.

It’s appropriate, then, that Essento chose BLKBK’s font, Bad Habits, for use on their packaging and for marketing across media. Created with a brush and with a random distribution of contrast between thick and thin strokes, Bad Habits expresses a free-spirited, adventurous character, with a raw and natural personality. Grouped into words, the angles and varying sizes of the letters establish a visual rhythm that creates an exciting pop to each syllable. It’s the perfect choice to voice the dual-excitement of trying something new, and making a difference.