Bigs Corp - Earth Rich

Bigs Sunflower Seeds Font - Earth Rich

Some of us think of sunflower seeds as tiny, not-even-bite-size capsules of food; an irritating and messy snack reserved for ball games, sitting around a campfire, and any other time we’re bored enough to delicately gnaw a flower seed from its woody husk. The phrase “not even worth the effort” comes to mind.

Much to the delight of those who feel differently, BIGS Seeds feels differently. That’s why BIGS promises the biggest seeds, roasted over real American fires. And for those of us who prefer our blood pressure high and our seeds spat out on the ground, they offer the biggest flavours, from classics like Vlassic Dill Pickle, to the avant garde like Taco Bell Supreme.

What font does BIGS Seeds use?

BIGS’ commitment to the wide world of big, bold flavour is why they use BLKBK’s font Earth Rich on their packaging. Whether you’re looking for Buffalo Wing or the Zesty Ranch to dip it in, you’ll find those flavours labelled with big, bold lettering. Earth Rich was painted with a well-used and slightly dry brush—we call it seasoned. The result is a zesty all-caps type, deep in flavour and variety.

Download the BIGS Seeds font here.