Fonts in Use

Why Choose an Independent Type Foundry?

A type foundry is a company that designs typefaces for distribution. Type foundries began in 1476 when William Caxton introduced the printing press. The City of London became the heart of the industry until metal-based printing districts came to close to make way for digitized fonts by type designers.

Whereas a font foundry constructs and distributes their font designs, a font retail platform works with other type foundries and designers to resell and redistribute typefaces. When purchasing Extended Commercial Licensing or Large Volume Commercial Licensing for off-the-shelf fonts, you run the risk of inflated costs due to exceeded licensing restrictions. If your purchased font requires installation on multiple desktops, you will be immediately paying a substantial cost to the type foundry for something that often does not fit your needs 100%.

If you are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars for type licensing, why not pay the same amount for a custom font that meets all of your specific needs? This way your company is not tempted to restrict who gets the fonts in order to save money. It is an unfortunate and potential side effect of traditional font licensing.

Today's independent type foundries are freelancers who work with companies through a custom design process that allows a corporation to refine what their typography should look like. This includes original and fresh type design and type design based off of a font already existing in a catalogue that is close to the company's vision but requires fine-tuning.

Font foundries that specialize in custom typefaces are able to provide an original and exclusive typeface and/or logotype that advocates distinction in your brand. An exclusive typeface for your corporation also bypasses the requirement of your suppliers and third parties to purchase licensing to accommodate your font usage.

For further information about what BLKBK can offer you in custom typeface design, please visit The Hand Workshop.